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TJ admitted to Corbin Fisher that his feelings have changed considerably when it comes to taking a cock up his ass. When he first took a cock he said it felt very different; over time that changed to feeling okay. But today TJ says it feels quite good. And he's a little surprised by that. Indeed, most straight guys would be. But honestly, if they'd just give anal sex more of an opportunity, a whole new world of feelings and sensations would become available to them. And when you're being topped by Brent and his long, lean, curved dick, you're going to be feeling a whole bunch more than you had before. Brent is so damn passionate and attentive to his partner that his bottoms can't help but have a hot time. He touches them all over, kisses them deeply, licks their feet, alternates his speed between fast and easy. He also tunes into his partner's surging orgasm and matches his thrusting so that the final blast off is as intense as it could be for them. In this video Brent and TJ start outdoors in a hot tub. They suck one another and get excited and then move indoors where TJ rides that big, curved Brent rod until they both shoot their hot, creamy loads.

Hot Jock Sucking

Hot Jock Fucking

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