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Che Bello! With the Italians playing the Spaniards in soccer on the television, I'm presented with this vision of Italian beauty from Circle Jerk Boys. This 25-year-old stud has made it all the way from Italy to Miami, and he's in heaven -- he loves the sun and Cuban girls! And lucky for us this hot Latin lover needs to get off at least once a day, and he's overdue. Damian lies back in a lounge chair and spreads his beautifully hairy legs. He wraps his hand around his thick dick and he starts pumping. He stares into the camera with those deep brown eyes -- it's like he's inviting you to crawl between his legs and nurse on his meat. Damian reaches down with his other hand and massages his smooth balls. This coaxes the prize to begin the ascent from his nuts. He starts writhing in the chair knowing that in another few strokes he'll explode all over his smooth belly. Come and join him and watch him shoot!

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