Kendall was one of the first models that photographer Buzz West met when he first started shooting porn. Kendall is also about the horniest guy Buzz has ever met, and that's saying something. One afternoon recently, Kendall showed up at Buzz's place with a friend in tow. These guys were hot for each other, and the next thing ya know, both of the guys have their pants open and are playing with their cocks. You could feel the sexual tension! Never one to waste an opportunity like this, Buzz whipped out his camera and started filming.

Kendall is hung huge with 9 inches, and his friend Dayton is also really well hung. What could be better than a mouth full of big hard cock? Looks like Kendall and Dayton both agree with that one ;)


'Cause soon the guys are taking turns sucking on each others' rods as they jack their own dicks. One sucks on a cock and then the other one does - looks like they're both getting hornier and hornier!


Now it's booty time, and we discover why Kendall brought Dayton - Dayton LOVES to bottom, and Kendall especially loves to fuck bottom boys who can't get enough cock. He really drills Dayton's horny hole. Now isn't THAT a great way to spend an afternoon!


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