Horny Hunks Suck And Fuck

It would seem that Austin and Kyle from Gemini Men have met before. Apparently Kyle pounded Austin's ass good and hard a couple of weeks ago, so this time he decided to take some ass right back. The scenario begins with both men sharing some hungry sucking on each others' thick dicks. A 69 ensues that Kyle and Austin can get their share of tasty man meat at the same time. All this oral action is enough to drive anyone beyond the point of no return. This is where Kyle decides he wants Austin's schlong buried up his voracious hole as much as Austin wants to use it on him. Kyle climbs on top and sits right down on that formidable dick, riding it up and down on it for all he's worth. Austin then takes back complete control of that tight asshole and proceeds to fuck Kyle in a side-by-side position. Finally, just before taking Kyle on his back, Austin spreads Kyle's waiting hole before plunging his now steel-hard cock all the way home.

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