18 year old Hector showed up at the Miami Boyz studio after his friend told him it was a good way to make some easy money, and the guys at Miami Boyz were more than happy to have him come in and show them what he's got. Hector is straight, cuban and has an impressively thick cock. Like most guys his age, Hector is always horny, and he had broken up with his girlfriend 2 days ago, so he had 2 days of cum saved up the day he did the shoot.

When the shoot got going, Hector was still a little nervous. He looks a little suspicious once his shirt is off and his pants are undone. Still, the promise of money and a chance to shoot his load keeps him going.


Once Hector has all his clothes off, the Miami Boyz camera man has Hector turn around and show off his ass. It's round and smooth and squeezable, and Hector's never had anyone really check it out like this before.


Once Hector gets comfortable, he sits down and gets to work on his cock, and it turns out that Hector is sporting one hell of piece of wood and some big balls, too!


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