Okay, I have to say right off the top: I love the hairy man, but I hate the hat. Why do older men try so desperately to hold onto youth. There's a man in his mid-forties who lives in my building and a lot of the time he's wearing a faux mohawk. I just want to shake my hand through his head and say, "Act your age." Likewise with the touque on T.P. here. It's fine for 20-year-olds, they look cool. But for a forty-year-old man, it's just confusing. Why are you standing around naked if you're cold? Anyway, I'm delabouring the point. T.P. is a hot guy. I just saw him in the new Bear Films movie Grease Monkey Bears. He did a solo jack off scene and this photo gallery is taken from the same shoot. In the video T.P. is lying back on the concrete floor and he's jacking his cock. But he's really more interested in his butt hole than anything else. He massages and fingers it, but eventually starts digging in his tool box for something bigger. He lubes up a screw driver handle and has some fun with that. And then he sits on a hammer handle. Yikes! T.P. put a condom on that thing, you wouldn't want to get a splinter! Then finally, he fits a dildo onto his drill, shoves the dildo up his ass, and he goes for a spin. It's a pretty hot scene. I've certainly heard about using an electric drill in this way, but I never have seen it. It was pretty interesting to watch.

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