You can see just by looking at him that Bailey is a former Marine. He's got the look, the presence, the haircut and he's certainly as horny as a Marine, too! When Bailey was discharged last year, he decided he liked the scuba diving in San Diego so much that he decided to stay. Of course, San Diego is where Buzz West finds his models, so when he saw Bailey, he told him about the site and Bailey agreed to do a shoot. And if you like amateur military guys, Bailey is fucking hot with his natural unshaven hairy legs and body and his rock-hard cock!

Bailey was very comfortable in front of the camera, and chatted away with Buzz during the shoot. You can see that Bailey is into tattoos, and he says his girlfriend just got her fifth tat.


Bailey wasn't at all shy. When Buzz asked him to turn around and show off that nice ass of his, Bailey had no problems with it. You can see from his posture that he is a very confident guy.


And here's a tasty closeup of Bailey's very erect meat and all that pubic hair. If you love unshaved pubes as much as I do, I know you must be drooling on your keyboard right now!


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