You may not have noticed this, but a lot of the guys from Buzz West aren't actually native to sunny California. That's because California gets more than its share of transplants - a lot of the guys who have moved here from other states. 18 year old Hugh is a rather unusual find because he's a native from Southern California. He's blond, athletic and into martial arts. He's a straight boy, but says his girlfriend has played with his ass a little and he liked it. And there's one more thing about Hugh - he's what they call "bi curious", which means he is curious what it would be like to try sex with another guy.


A good-natured guy who is easy to get along with, Hugh is also pretty darned cute and has beautiful bedroom eyes. And he isn't a bit nervous in front of the camera - you'd think he's worked as a model before, but he hasn't.


Something else that I didn't guess when I first saw his pics - Hugh is hung. You can't tell at first how big his cock is because he's a grower, but once the underwear come off and his cock get hard, damn!


Hugh has got one long fucking dick, and when it's standing at attention, it's pretty impressive. One thing for sure - that big piece of meat certainly got my attention, and I'd love to see it up close and personal!

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