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Nothing like the smell of testosterone to get a guy all riled up! Jaxson and Ben are working out in the Butch Dixon gym. They're warming up with some boxing routines and getting ready to spar with one another. But Ben catches a whiff of Jaxson's musky smell and it throws him off his game; Ben accidentally punches Jaxson in the face and knocks him to the mat. Worried, Ben gets down on his knees to see if Jaxson is breathing alright; then he gives him mouth to mouth resuscitation. But Jaxson slips Ben the tongue - it seems he was only fooling around to get a kiss. The two guys start kissing and Miles, a third man in the gym, comes over and starts sucking Jaxson's beautiful uncut cock. Right there in the boxing ring, these three well-built, bald men suck one another's cocks. And Ben even gets his ass fucked a little. When his two muscular buddies are ready to shoot their loads, Ben drops to his knees and holds out his chest as a cum target. Bu the end of it, Ben has cum dripping everywhere!

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