Gay Latin men suck cock and fuck ass

Alex and Jack are both hot Latin men who hail from Buenos Aires. It was obvious from the minute they were introduced by the Maximo Latino camera man that the guys had intense chemistry - they almost feel like long-term boyfriends rather than a duo who met only minutes before. Things get rolling with some passionate wet kissing as Jack reaches down to open Alex's fly. Once the guys are undressed, Jack wastes no time going down on Alex, savoring the feel of his long cock filling his mouth. Then it's time for turnaround as Alex moves down and parts Jack's butt cheeks, tonguing his tight hole. Once Jack is ready, Alex slides every inch of his manmeat deep into Jack's ass, his dick pumping in and out, driving both men wild. Finally Alex can't take it anymore - the warmth of Jack's tight tunnel squeezing his rod pushes him over the edge and he pulls out and shoots his load, Alex following with a stream of his own jizz till he's covered with cum!

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