Modelling blogs seem to be everywhere nowadays. Like any commodity that is brought out, sometimes the results are good, and sometimes they're not. Homotrophy is very well set up and has a great colour scheme - even though I'm not a huge fan of pink representing men. LOL. However, with the incredible looking hunks adorning this blog, one can hardly complain. Personally, I don't recognize most of the men, but that doesn't mean much really. If chiseled pecs, abs, and faces are what turn you on, it shouldn't to you either. If you are the kind of person who likes to give to worthwhile charities, you can check out the Men In The Alps calendar and throw a few dollars toward those who are ill, handicapped or socially underpriviledged in South Tyrol, Italy. From what I understand, there are a lot of people there who could use some help in this aspect. It's up to you. If you just want to oggle or wank off to many hot babes, you'll certainly get to do that here as well.

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