Being a person who sees a lot of naked guys, it takes a fair amount to turn me on. Either the dude has to be something spectacular, or the photographer has to do something different at least. Lately, I've been right into models and totally pro photo shoots. Kind of like magazine quality I guess. Of course, the stud has to be showing some skin at least. Homo Trophy is one of those blogs that features outstanding looking men - almost naked. Like sheets laying across their groins, jeans open or hanging down in the front, thus just about revealing the hot hunk's private treasures. If the lighting is right, the man is incredible, and the pose is perfect, this can make for very stimulating viewing. There are a fair amount of entries to browse through here, and while there isn't a massive amount of text being that half naked men are the main theme, there's more than enough to keep one occupied and reading for a while. If extremely good looking men teasing you right to the edge are your thing, this blog will get you rock hard in no time flat.

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