Homopanic is an extremely lush and hugely sexy website featuring the eclectic and very personal tastes of its very intelligent and sexy author. The range of topics is wide although it is strictly gay-centric at its roots. Reviews of films featuring gay themes mix with smoking hot videos featuring hard core sex, soft core posing, masturbation exercises, stunning photographic scenes of line ups of 10-12 erect cocks in a row - just absolutely original and interesting stuff. It's a Huge Big Boner site of the first magnitude but it can also please the brain as well. I find it exactly what it advertises itself as: "Intelligent gay porn." Oh, and humor, almost forgot. To me, some humor more or less lessens the stresses and pressures which we seem convinced life is all about. They do supply overt and rib-tickling humor - I loved the Lucille Ball episode at the bakery featured here under the title "I needed a laugh today." Lucy never lets us down! Great music, celebrity gossip, interviews and revelations - it's all here in this fun and highly energetic website which also fully intend to get a rise squarely from the middle of our pants.

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