Homo Pop

Homo Pop is all about gay film and entertainment from mainstream to adult, so a little bit of everything about movies and more. It dates back to 2011, and it gets regular updates, so there's plenty to read already. It's a handy blog to have bookmarked for when you want to catch up on some movie news. But its' not just about films and it's not specifically about Hollywood. I like the way that you've got items around 'foreign' films and TV here alongside news from sport and the adult world. You can scroll down to see clips and pics from the latest South American gay drama movie, followed by pics of swimmers in their trunks, and then a shot from some gay adult site. You never know what's coming next. But if you like to be more structured in your approach then check the category list to the side and you will see all kinds of subjects from Coming Out to Pop Culture. The emphasis seems to be on Gay Porn with the most amount of entries, but the best way to catch everything is to simple scroll down and click back through the archives. This is another great site for putting in the stash of bookmarks so you've got something fun, informative and a little bit hot to browse when you've got a spare 20 minutes or so.

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