Homo Ground

Same ground, different sound: Homo Ground is dedicated to promoting equality and visibility for all people through music and art and "maintaining a creative medium for queer & allied artists..." Or, as they also say: "we are just a bunch of nerdy queers who like to make things". Things like mix tapes and podcasts, blog posts and photos. You can listen online, watch video clips, read news and articles and generally hang out at a creative space that works kind of like a newspaper cum magazine cum blog, with news and events listing and photos. It's all kinds of everything really, and I found myself wandering from page to page trying to pinpoint exactly what it was that I liked about it so much. The variety? Perhaps. The way it mixes stuff from the past with gay related stuff that's right up to date. The rock and pop memorabilia and the photos? I think what it was that captured and held me most in this eclectic mix of everything musical and creative and somehow gay related, was the atmosphere. If a website can have an atmosphere. The way it's all put together like a pop magazine and the way it has a positive vibe. There, that's it - a positive vibe! It is a great place to click around over a cup of coffee when you've got some spare time and want to feel connected.

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