Marcus is the latest guy to appear on You Love Jack, a site featuring homemade porn. This isn't studio stuff, these are guys making their own porn videos. You Love Jack finds a guy, gives him a camera, and sends him home to make a porn video. What a cool idea. Marcus sits down on his living room floor and starts getting undressed. He's got a lean body, naturally defined and sporting just a bit of hairy on his belly and between his pecs. His legs, however, are very hairy -- and that's a big turn-on. Marcus has got a beautiful cock -- nice and long with a blazing, purple cock head, which is plump and ready for a mouth. Unfortunately Marcus is by himself, so he has to be content to jack off. Marcus kneels on the floor and sits back on his feet. He pumps his long cock with one hand while cupping his balls with the other. And when he gets ready to shoot his load he cups his hand under his cock and dumps a thick, creamy load in the palm of his hand.

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