While leaving work one day, Pablo Nunez takes the rear exit of his office building, which takes him through a back alley. He comes across Patrick sitting on the ground with a mickey of booze in his hand. He's cold and dirty and he's in a pretty rough way. Pablo helps Patrick up and takes him back into his office.

Pablo shows Patrick the shower in his office and sets out a nice suit for the young man to put on. When Patrick emerges he's cleaned up and wearing his new suit, and he looks pretty fucking hot. The transformation is amazing and Pablo can't resist kissing Patrick. Pablo is soon kneeling and fishing Patrick's big cock out of his trousers, then he starts sucking the beautiful dick before him.

Patrick shows his gratitude by bending Pablo over and stuffing his ass full of cock. Pablo strips naked, but Patrick is so taken with his new suit than he can't remove it. He sits back on the sofa and with his stiff cock sticking through the fly in his trousers, he holds his solid dick while Pablo sits on it. The two horny men fuck with passion, kissing and holding each other closely. When Patrick is ready to shoot his load and he covers the naked Pablo with a creamy load of spunk.

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