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Holy foreskin, Batman! Now that's something to chew on. I'm a foreskin hound and I'm always on the hunt for guys sporting au naturel cocks. But not even I have seen many uncut cock sporting this much foreskin. Holy shit! That's a all-day sucker for sure. Ben has appeared on UK Naked Men more than a couple of times, and he's back again this week showing off that beautiful uncut dick of his. And Ben needs all that extra foreskin because when he pumps his dick into an erection, you'll notice that his cock is nice and long. When Ben peels back his skin, he reveals a plump and purple cap; and as he jacks his cock, his balls hug close to his body. On UK Naked Men you're also going to see Ben getting naked in the office, and again when he strips out of his wrestling singlet at the gym. And you're definitely going to want to check out his jack off video. Watching Ben rubbing his substantial bulge tucked away inside his wrestling singlet is a big turn-on. And when he pulls out his amply foreskinned dick, you might not make it until Ben shoots his load. You can see more of Ben here on Gay Demon in Long Foreskin.

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