Well it sounds like I missed Delkan the first time he visited Circle Jerk Boys because this is an encore visit. He caused an avalanche of e-mail from fans who wanted to see more. And who wouldn't. Delkan looks like Ben Affleck's younger, better-looking brother. And I'll bet we'll be seeing more of this stud in gay porn. He's leading-man handsome and porn-star hung; he's 6'2' and flopping a thick 8-inch cock between his legs. In his first shoot he was so nervous that he could barely take all of his clothes off, but this time around things have changed a lot. He looks hot in a pair of boxer briefs, but he looks even better naked, on his knees, and humping a pile of cushions on the couch. And he's got a great cock -- soft or hard. And his ass looks pretty fetching, too. Delkan eventually lies back on the sofa and starts to get that big cock of his really hard. His loose hanging balls really tighten up as his dick reaches its full potential. And I have to tell you that when this boy shoots -- holy shit, stand back, you might get hurt. Delkan has an amazing flying cumshot. It arcs straight up in the air with just the slightest projectory angle, and then, splatters all over his smooth chest. I'm really surprised he didn't hit himself in the face.

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