hole in one

Max Duran is the new guy in the office at the Men at Play suite. He's a sexy, Spanish hunk - bald with a face full of trimmed scruff. Jay Roberts is hoping to bag this handsome, new executive meat before anyone else in the company. Roberts heads into Duran's office to introduce himself, and noticing a golf club leaning against the wall, asks if Duran is a golfing fan. Duran says that he is, but admits that he's not very good. So Roberts offers to give him some tips on to improve his stroking technique.

Standing behind Duran, with his arms wrapped around the Spanish hunk, Roberts and Duran's hands meet on the golf club. Robert presses his bulging crotch into Duran's ass as they practice Duran's swing. Things get a little to close and Roberts nibbles on Duran's ear. These two executives fall into a passionate kiss and before you know it, Duran is down on his knees and fishing Roberts' big cock out of his trousers. Duran sucks Roberts stiff cock and then turns him around and dives into his spectacular ass. I love watching a bearded face pushes between a perfectly smooth ass, hands spreading those butt cheeks wide and tongue digging deep. After rimming Roberts' ass, Duran sits back on the sofa and lets his coworker give him a blowjob.

And before this scene is over, Roberts will find himself down on all fours on the sofa and getting a hard drilling from Duran's own big club. Men at Play has a free video preview of this golfing tutorial session - it may even make you want to sign up for a few private lessons of your own!

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