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Beefy and hairy hunk Dak Ramsey has appeared several times on Bound Gods, the Web's hottest bondage and gay BDSM site; and Ramsey is proving he's quite the skilled and twisted master. In this latest scene, when Cayden Banks wakes up chained to a bed, he regrets hitchhiking a ride with Ramsey. Cayden begs for his freedom, but realizes that he's going to have to endure Dak's sadistic play session first. Cayden is bound up and tied to a chair and Ramsey sucks his victim's stiffening cock. But that's about the last nice thing this nasty master does. Cayden is put through a punishing session where he's flogged and caned. He's wrapped up and forced to suck his Master's cock; and then, his ass is warmed up for a hard fucking. But Ramsey's idea of warming up an ass is literal and he drips hot wax all over Cayden's smooth butt. And finally, before letting Cayden go, Master Ramsey ties Cayden to the bed with his legs hoisted and secured and pounds his victim's ass long and hard. With his stiff cock buried deep inside Cayden's ass, Ramsey jacks off his victim, and then, Ramsey shoots a vigorous load all over Cayden's belly, which is already covered in wax and his own cum! Kinky! So let this be a reminder to you that you shouldn't hitch hike -- or maybe you should if you like a little rough play!

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