His Trunks

His Trunks is a very cool online underwear salon coming from the wild depths of Nebraska which, for those who may be unaware, is a most impractical source, stuck as it is in the midst of the USA Bible Belt. And yet Justin Bradley not only has the brash balls enough to set up his now 3-year-old online shop, but he happens to have a very world class sense of style, as well. His shop and blog are both stylish and rather entertaining and, the fact is that his prices are even excellent. This would seem to be a good new player on the underwear scene, complete with sexy pictures and clothing descriptions from designers and users of these products. I have to admit, the "cock sock" - including the attached "ball sack" (well??? duh) - entitled "Grandma always buys the socks - but not THIS year!" gave me one huge laugh. Well done, Justin. The store is legit and displays the flavors of undergarments by category, including "enhancing", "jock straps" by category and by name as well, from Puma to Geovanny to Jerry Adams. This is a good store, the truth is, and a great start-up blog as well. Nice job, Justin - hat's off!

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