A couple years ago, Brodie was a regular straight guy who had never done a porn shoot. Then he discovered he could make the most money - and gets some of the best blowjobs he's ever had in his life - by letting guys suck his cock for videos. Brodie's good looks, tattoos and always-hard dick brought him a lot of work. In fact, these days he's a "gay for pay" star who's done a lot of videos. But till now Brodie has refused to bottom or have anything put in his ass. But Cocky Boys changed that!

Turns out that Brodie and the owner of Cocky Boys have been friends for years, and while the guy from Cocky Boys wasn't going to have his friend's ass pounded, he did convince him to try a dildo.


Brodie lubes that sex toy till it's dripping wet and gradually lets it slip into his virgin ass. It hurts but he does his best, and he moves down little by little to get more of it inside.


Okay, Brodie doesn't shove the dildo that far into his ass, but after a little initial pain, his hole relaxes and gets very turned on by the feeling of having his butthole stretched out as he strokes his rigid cock!


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