Horny bisexual Carson did his first porn shoot for Buzz West. This ex-marine's first video was a solo shoot, and apparently he liked it so much that he wanted to do it again because he called Buzz and asked if he could come over, watch some porn and jack off. Buzz said sure - as long as he could film Carson jerking. So Carson came over and started doing his thing while Buzz was out of the room. Only thing is that Max showed up unexpectedly, and while Carson tried to hide what he was doing, Max figured it out and he wanted to join in!

Well, Buzz comes back in to start shooting and what does he find? Carson and Max are having a great time sucking each others' cocks and getting hornier by the minute.


Next thing you know, Carson is sliding his rod into Max's hungry asshole and starts fucking him like crazy. He really pounds that hot hole, driving Max wild and giving Buzz a great impromptu shoot.


And want to know the coolest thing about this shoot? Carson says he loves getting on his knees and sucking cock, but this is the first time he's ever fucked another guy! Well, to judge by Max's reaction, Carson did really well for a beginner - and I bet he can't wait to get more practice!


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