High Quality Blur

High Quality Blur is a pretty darn good read by an extremely honest and surprisingly well-traveled guy. He mixes plain-spoken truths, emotional reactions and feelings with observations about literal, physical things not always centered around sex. He well describes his history in such a light-hearted and efficient way, we nearly forget he had a brief gig in porn as well as providing escort services - all of which would be easy to overlook had we not, in fact, re-read the About page. His descriptions of growing up in such a small Michigan town and his history following that are plain-talk "must read" entertainment for the legions of us who have followed similar paths. We see it all the time. This author adopts that "Every Guy" persona out of a sense of rightness, I am sure, and he pulls it off so well, it's easy to forget how good he is at this blog. Let me just say this is a great read - it's light, heavy, entertaining, boring - but it holds you for a while and that's the best reference I could ever give. Personally, I'd like to see more about where this charming stud goes, and I plan on watching. Nice blog, I really like it.

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