Gays In Texas

This is probably one of the best videos I have seen in quite a long time. Everyone thinks that very conservative parts of the U.S are very homophobic and that most people are idiots when it comes to gays rights. BUT sometimes looks can be deceiving, and you get to realize that just cos it's a small town it doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna be homophobe hell!

The video takes place in a place where I grew up in Farmers Branch, Texas. In the great state of Texas (and 29 other states) gays can still be refused service - yes, you read that right! The video shows an "alternative family" (2 lesbians and their 2 kids) having breakfast and they get served by a very, very homophobic and inappropriate waitress. What is very interesting about this video is that waitress and lesbian couple are actors, and they are setting up the people in the restaurant to see if anyone will stand up to the homophobia the lesbians are experiencing.

Well, what happens in the video is actually quite shocking but in a very good way. Take a look at the video and just remember when you think that the worst can happen people might actually surprise you sometimes!

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