I'm toilet fun guy and we're going to party like it's a birthday that we are celebrating by having fun in the toilet! Just for you I styled my hair totally like that guy from Northern Exposure who then dated Carrie on Sex and the City and I think he also did voiceovers for Applebee's. Still does!

I have balls full of semen and a bladder full of urine and I'm saving both fluids for you because you're special and I'm suave. I am blue collar which you can tell from my blue collar and my boots which aren't dirty in the slightest but I am still genuinely blue collar.

So now I'll sing a song for you which is also for us:

"Close the toilet stall door and slide that lock

So we can have toilet stall sex in the future of now

Behind the stall door

Behind the stall door

You'll be my hole to have sex in

My hole to have sex in

Our fluorescent paradise

I'll never flush you away"

toilet fun guy

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