James is not just any porn guy. He's from reality TV show Big Brother is known on the show as Crazy James because he's whacky, fun and he does offbeat things. Not only did he ride his bike from coast to coast - he's the one who did gay porn before he got picked up for the show. For those who have been dying to see him in the kind of action you can't see on TV, here he is in a shoot for Dirty Boy Video right after he's shot his load all over another guy's face. And did he love doing it? Hell, yeah - just look at that face!

James isn't shy and he sure has no stage fright. At the beginning of the shoot, even before the clothes came off, he was enthusiastically making out with the guy who was about to suck his cock.


And maybe you haven't seen all his tattoos on TVs, but James sure has 'em. Once the clothes are off, he gives us an eyeful - not only of those tats and his mohawk, but of him making out with another dude.


This is the same expression James has showed the world on Big Brother, and he's showing it here because he's horny, having fun and is about to get his dick sucked. Go, James!


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