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I missed Cole's introduction on Corbin Fisher. I'm not sure how I did that, but it happens. And not long after he made his debut, blond-haired Cole was back fucking his first guy ever! And you know, it's funny, Cole was okay trying some guy-on-guy sex as long as he didn't have to get fucked. He was kind of adamant about that. But after he filmed that scene with Derek, and he saw how much Derek enjoyed feeling a hard cock up his ass, Cole started to think that he might like to see what all the fuss was about. Corbin Fisher set up Cole with Dawson, who is both playful and passionate. And as the guys get into it on the bed, Dawson puts his cock right in front of Cole's face; and although this is only the second time Cole has sucked cock, he's warming up to the idea. With Cole bent over on the bed, Dawson is warming up his buddy's ass with his tongue. I love seeing a guy's face the first time he gets a rimjob. Straight guys are so anal about their butt holes and they're usually so surprised at how good a tongue can feel. Dawson finally gets his dick into Cole's ass, and we get treated to some super hot fucking. Like his rimjob, Cole is completely surprised that a guy's dick could feel this good. He's both overwhelmed and totally into it. And it doesn't take long for Cole to blast a load all over his chest. Seeing his buddy shooting puts Dawson over the edge and he fires off all over Cole, even hitting him in the face!

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