First-time porn amateur Rusty made his world debut on BukBuddies not that long ago in a video called "Surprise Package". His slender body and pierced and perfect cock received many favorable comments, so it was only natural that Rusty would get to do a return engagement. Well, this time the crew at BukBuddies decided to let the camera explore all of Rusty, showing us both the entire package and stopping at some interesting body parts along the way. But I thought I'd get this blog started by showing you all of Rusty and then we'd go from there.

Depending on your personal preferences, this is either a closeup of Rusty's face with those blue-green eyes or it's a great shot of his unshaved armpits. I guess this is the pic that separates the guys into looks from the armpit fetishists ;)


Next comes a nice, long, lingering look at Rusty's well-pedicured feet. I hear that they're 9 1/2 inches long with a strong high arch, and I know that his toes and feet are very sexy ang we also get a good look at his underwear covering his cock and balls.


For those into socks or underwear - and personally, I like both - this is a great fetish pic of Rusty still wearing briefs and clean white cotton socks as he pulls out his cock and prepares to go to work on it. If you're NOT into socks and underwear, this is still a hot pic of Rusty pulling it out and getting ready to use it!


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