Heroes N Hunks

Comics and hunks and heroes and all things kapow! get posted up at Heroes N Hunks. This is a blog that's primarily about superheroes and yet is also about gay art. Gay comic art, that is. Taking a quick look I see that although the blog had been left standing for a while, its creator is now back and posting again; and there was a lot of back stuff to get through anyway, so plenty of reading and looking to be done if you do have to wait for new posts. There are posts about LGBT comics, there's retro art and strips, a random feature, sections about famous gay artists and cartoonists and all kinds of everything to do with comic art with, of course, a big leaning towards the gay side of things. There are also the more standard links to websites, adult sites, video porn and so on, but mainly this is a great place for all serious superhero and gay comix fans to come and hang out.

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