Gay pornography and comics seem to be coming together more so these days. Here's what the blogmaster for Heroes n' Hunks - which by the way is a cool looking blog - had to say about his inspiration for the creation: "So, motivation... a few years back, I started following a few blogs (Gaypornblog and Fleshbot). One of these eventually led me to Dudetube which was the jackpot of all blogs for me... it covered comic books AND gay porn and I'd never met anyone else who had a similar interest before, so I immediately started checking it daily and bookmarking links it spotlighted, Through it I found many other blogs I still follow (such as queerty and SUperUndewearPerverts are both still favorites." I have to admit that this guy has done a good job of marrying gay porn and comics together. I don't think I could do it. If you like a little art and characature thrown in with your podge, you could have some serious fun here. The heroes you'll see are so hot I personally was wishing they really existed. As a kid I read a lot of comics but never really thought about how sexy the characters can be. However, when put into the right context, comic book hunks can be a serious turnon indeed.

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