Straight Guy Cumming

Paul has the distinction of being Buk Buddies' Santa this year for Christmas. He's a hot, hairy bear cub and he looks pretty fetching decked out in red and white. And he doesn't need to don a beard because he has one of his own. Am I'm thinking this Santa looks pretty hot with a dark beard. But wait until you see what's waiting underneath. As Paul strips out of his Santa suit, he reveals a solid and hairy body. And as we watch this naked straight stud decorating the Christmas tree, we get a good look at his body from all ankles. Paul loves tattoos and he's covered in them. His most spectacular tattoo is an inked King Kong that covers his entire back. And once you've taken in his tattoo, you'll notice that his ass and legs are very hairy. Paul settles back in an chair, wearing nothing but his Santa hat, and he jacks his cock until it's good and hard. And this Santa doesn't shoot, he oozes. So when he's ready to blow his load, it just sort of oozes in thick gobs out his piss out and slides down his stiff prick. By the time he's done, his hands and cock are covered in spunk. Now don't forget to leave out your cookies and milk, and maybe Santa will leave you a special treat.

Straight Guy Cumming

Straight Guy's Hard Cock

Straight Guy Jack Off

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