Hairy Daddy

I've been going around and around this morning, visiting all of my favourite sites, and looking for something - or someone to blog about. But I'm kind of bummed out this morning and nothing is really inspiring me. I'm still in a bit of mood over last night. My partner set the PVR to tape both the last two shows of American Idol so we could watch them back to back. First of all, I wasn't too thrilled that the finale was two hours - geezuz, just tell us who won already! But just as we went to the last commercial break before discovering who won the whole shebang, the PVR cut out. That's all folks! So I missed the hail of confetti, the tears, the roar of applause - I missed it all. I wish my PVR had cut out 10 minutes earlier so I could have missed Bette Midle slaughtering "Wind Beneath My Wings." Yikes!

Anyway, this hairy daddy sure would put a smile on my face and make me forget all about my PVR woes. Gus is a San Franciscan, 38, 5'9", 185 pounds. He looks like he's on the friendly side, but looks like he could be quite stern with a riding crop in his hand. And of course when I see a hairy daddy I just want to fall to my knees, and with Gus and his thick cock, there's no exception. He's got a nice, big, fat dick. The kind you just want to suck until you lips feel like they're going to fall off. That's when you put your rump in the air and say, "Fuck me, Daddy!" Enjoy!

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