Head Down, Butt Out, Ben Gets His Hole Fingered Head Down, Butt Out, Ben Gets His Hole Fingered

A couple of weeks ago at CMNM young Ben applied to join the military. The recruiting soldiers took him under their wing and started preparing him for what was going to happen to him at basic training. They stripped him naked, played with his big, fat uncut cock and found it got hard really fast!

Today, in his continuing training, they turn him over and get him to lie down on a table, head down, butt up, and they check out his backside. They sniff at his hole and then finger it slightly - poor Ben - his hole is far too tight to withstand the pounding the recruitment soldiers know he'll be subjected to during initiation week at the barracks - so they decide to help him out and break him in a bit!

They finger his tight little hole, at first with just a fingertip, gently pushing it in. Naturally Ben's tight sphincter resists, but these soldiers are persistent guys, and gradually his pink opening eases up it's control and allows them in. First one whole finger, then two - and all the while Ben's cock is dribbling pre-cum - this young straight guy seems to enjoy being penetrated!

Finally, their task is complete - Ben's hole is now totally relaxed, loosened and wide open, ready for the action to come - and Ben can even make it wink on command!

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