Marco loves to suck cock - he really, really loves doing it. He can't get enough of the feel, the taste, the smell of the men he sucks. And he especially looks forward to giving blowjobs to straight guys - that's why he's a resident cocksucker at New York Straight Men. Somehow Jeremy heard how good Marco was at oral, and even though Jeremy says he's straight, apparently getting the best blowjob he'd ever had made him more than curious. He just had to find out for himself!

Marco couldn't wait to get his lips around Jeremy's dick - he didn't even wait till Jeremy was naked - he got Jeremy's underwear-clad rod into his mouth to get things started.


Without even undressing, Marco began to show Jeremy just how well he could suck a dick. He went down on him with enthusiasm and skill, teasing Jeremy and making him moan.


Marco is like an artist - he knows exactly how hard to suck, how fast to move his head. He pays attention when the cock he is sucking throbs, and he gave Jeremy a world-class blowjob. Think Jeremy will fantasize about being sucked by Marco as his girlfriend sucks his cock?


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