They say good things come in small packages. Well, they're sure right this time! Straight guy Ram is yummy with his black hair and dark eyes, and at 5' 3", he's got an athletic and compact physique. At 21 years old, Ram has a lot going for him, and he's definitely easy on the eyes as he teases - because Ram is one guy who really loves showing off. And that's the quality that lead Perfect Guyz to bring him back for another shoot. This one is off to a good start as Ram's Calvins cling to his cock, showing the shape and hardness while concealing it from view - for now...

Here's another shot of Ram in his underwear, smiling at the camera as he stands with his jeans down his thighs and that hint of a treasure trail leading exactly where I want to go.


That exotic look and firm bubble butt make my mouth water as Ram stands against the wall, posing and looking deep into the camera...


And at last things get serious. I like the way this pic shows his armpit and his heavy-hanging balls as Ram wraps his fingers around his very hard cock and strokes it with a knowing smile!


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