Some guys are pretty shy when they first get naked for the camera, but that's not the case whe Eddie from Dirty Tony. Eddie's smiling enthusiasm is for real. He had a great time at this shoot, and no problem at all taking off his clothes and stroking his cock in front of strangers. The fact is that there's more than a little exhibitionist in Eddie - he once fucked a chick in front of 6 friends while one guy played the guitar. That makes him a natural for doing this kind of amateur porn video.

Once he gets all his clothes off, Eddie sprawls for the camera, showing off his unshaved bush, cock and balls as well as the rest of his smooth and slender body.


Tony decides to do a close up of Eddie's face, which I thought was pretty hot. You can really get a good look at him, and still see his hard cock in the pic. Looks like Eddie is pretty fucking horny!


How horny was he? Well, here's a pic Tony shot of Eddie just after the grand finale. His body is spattered with his own hot cum and he looks like he's just experienced a very happy ending ;)


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