Hunky Bekim has been appearing at Buk Buddies since he turned 20. Back then he was a cute boytoy with plenty of sizzle and sexuality, but he had no maturity or force of personality. As he's gotten a little older, Bekim has grown to be handsome and masculine, with a few tattoos and a well-muscled body that is neither too big nor too small. He's the kind of guy that both men and women watch with lust, and no wonder!

Since Bekim showed up for this shoot a little sleepy, he decided he wanted to work out a little to wake up. The camera man at Buk Buddies thought this was exactly how he wanted to show Bekim, so that's where they started the shoot.


Doing the shoot here was a good idea as once he had pumped a little iron, Bekim was wide awake, ready to rock and was enjoying showing himself off.


Bekim looks as good from the back as he does from the front, and I can't get enough of those sexy eyes. And as cute as he was at 20, Bekim just keeps getting better and better!


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