It appears that even when he's not working Bentley Race is always ready for some new cock for his website. Take Luc, for example. He isn't a model and he didn't answer an ad to jack off on camera. He's a french student who was sent over to clean Ben's loft. Well, nobody cleans other people's houses unless they need money, so what Ben saw here was an opportunity. He told Luc he had a website, paid a lot of money, yadda yadda yadda. The result? The cleaning guy was ready to get naked - and he did!

Since Luc was doing the dishes when Ben asked him to model, Ben decided to start things right there at the sink. After all, some hot soapy water could only add to the fun.


Looks like that hot water got to Luc. He was more than ready to grab his cock and start jacking it!


Ben can resist anything - except temptation ;) He just couldn't keep his hands and mouth off the cleaning guy, and looks like the cleaning guy was happy to get his cock sucked!


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