Hayden Lourd - CockyBoys

Did you know that there's a mystery cameraman lurking around the gay porn industry!? Well, at least on the set of Cocky Boys' latest releases, and it looks like he's struck again. And what a perfect victim he has chosen. Hayden Lourd is the online studio's latest exclusive, and in his debut scene, the blue-eyed blondie is jacking and doing what comes naturally in a solo scene. But then the roving hand of the shady cameraman enters the scene. Now, this grabby guy has gotten handsy before, namely with Colby Keller. And this time is no different. He offers his probing digits while Hayden shares a favorite sexual fantasy. Together, they get the newbie to climax--and the cameraman gets to nut on Hayden's butt.

We know that site owner and director Jake Jaxson is always looking for that extra special something when discovering new talent. With handsome Hayden, it looks like he's found it again. For more information, visit CockyBoys.com. Who knows? We might even discover the identity of this sexy camera guy!

Hayden Lourd - CockyBoys

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