Haus O Ass

This guy likes his ass. Quite simply, Haus O Ass is an image-driven blog where you get loads of horny pics of guys' asses and other parts. Bubble butts, dildo play, hairy, smooth, rimming, licking, jocks, candid shots, studio shots, group sex, face sitting, and erotica all can be found here, and that was just on the first page. I found video clips here as well as the images, amateur pics as well as ones that were obviously from studio shoots. And I also found that the blog is kept up to date with a passion, with lots of updates and re-bloggings happening on a regular basis. You can check out who is following the blog and hook up with guys who like similar things, and you can see where the images originally come from. The blog has a mobile version to use so you don't need to leave it behind when you leave the house, and of course it is all free. It all goes to prove that asses are there for more than just sitting on.

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