On Saturday, August 17 on Twitter Benjamin announced his assumption to the throne as editor of The Sword, one of the Web's busiest, and at times nastiest, gay porn gossip blogs. But with no official announcement about previous editor, Zachary Sire, the Twitterverse started rumbling that Sire had been fired.




The Sword's Benjamin says that Zachary Sire is still working at The Sword, but his efforts will be behind the scenes working with content and apparently managing the blog, whatever that means. No matter how The Sword tries to spin this story, it seems as though they no longer want Sire's voice front and center.

Last week Sire found himself in hot water when a post he wrote about gay porn star and ex-ballet dancer Jett Black drew the ire of mega gay porn producer Michael Lucas. And Lucas demanded Sire delete the post or he was telling AEBN to remove all of his Lucas Entertainment DVDs from their video-on-demand system. AEBN is the parent company who owns Naked Sword and gay porn blog The Sword. After 30 minutes of back and forth in the Jett Black post's comments between Sire and Lucas, the post disappeared.

But did Michael Lucas go to AEBN anyway? Did Lucas have Zachary Sire fired?


Throughout August 17, The Sword's new editor continued doing damage control and his final tweet said, "He's just stopping blogging so he can work behind the scenes on managing affiliates and original content production." But an earlier tweet said that Sire was "working behind-the-scenes now managing the site and working with content."

So which is it? Is he the managing editor of The Sword? Is he working with content? Managing affiliates? Or producing original content for Naked Sword? The Sword itself was silent on August 17 and 18, and posts on August 19 failed to mention Zachary Sire's retirement as editor of the blog.

Michael Lucas isn't the only person working in gay porn who's pissed with The Sword's Zachary Sire. There's a long list of gay porn stars, studios, and gay porn sites who would happily grease Sire's speedy slide down the banister to obscurity.

Marc Dylan is the latest gay porn star in Zachary Sire's cross hairs, did he finally have enough of Sire's acid tongue and call AEBN himself? I'm sure this story isn't done unfolding. What will become of The Sword without Sire's witty and biting posts remains to be seen.

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