Blaire and Hart are two of the most popular models at Gemini Men. Blaire is just discovering he's bi-curious, and Hart considers himself totally straight. The video crew was actually pretty surprised when Hart agreed to do a shoot with another guys, but they weren't surprised when he came up with a list of things he wouldn't do before the shoot. Things got to a start when the guys both stripped and did some posing for the camera together without touching. They both bent over and showed off their asses, then started stroking so they could get hard...

Once both Blaire and Hart were hard and really horny, looks like they both got curious. After all, sex is more fun with another person.


When Hart let Blaire suck his cock, the crew said their jaws dropped in disbelief - and sheer lust - especially when Hart spread his legs wide for easier access!


And then came (pun intended) the most unbelievalbe thing of the day. After all his rules and limitations, Hart not only sucked Blaire's dick - he let Blaire splooge all over his face! Either he liked sex with another guy or he's one hell of a method actor!


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