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The ever cute Harry Louis is doing a placement at a finance company and he's called into the boss's office for a brief evaluation. The boss (Christian Alexander) is a good-looking, mature man and he's got a sexy Australian accent. After checking with Harry that everything is going alright, Christian brings up a problem that has been brought to his attention: some of the other employees have complained that Harry wears his trousers too tight and it's distracting.

The boss asks how big Harry's cock is (it's 10 inches) and then asks what kind of underwear Harry wears. "I don't wear any," Harry tells him. "Ah, that might be the problem. Here put these on and we'll see if that fixes the problem," Christian say, pulling a pair of briefs out of his bag. Harry slides out of trousers right there in the office and the boss checks him out. Wearing his new briefs Harry waits for the boss's reaction. Christian comes over and says, "See that looks better already." He reaches inside the briefs to adjust Harry's cock. "Please don't do that, it'll get hard." And indeed it does.

The boss tells Harry he's going to have to get rid of it because he can't go back out to the office looking like that. "I can help you with that," Christian says.

In the normal world, there are so many things wrong with this scenario; but in the porn world it's a pure delight to watch these kinds of scenes unfold. The boss gets down on his knees and sucks Harry's 10-inch cock. And once Harry's had enough of the boss's mouth, he bends him over and slides his 10er into Christian's tight fuck hole. The boss winces, but eventually gets used to it. Then Harry lays the boss across the desk and really pounds his hole. I suspect after this performance, Harry will be getting a full-time job. Head over to Men at Play and watch the free preview of Harry Louis' Appraisal.

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