Harry Louis Says Bye To Porn

Harry Louis was probably one of the most popular porn stars in the past 5 years. His studly body and of course that thick Brazilian cock made him stand-out as a HOMO favorite. He worked with all the big porn companies; from MenAtPlay to UKNakedMen, this stud was in demand all the time.

That was until he met the love of his life, designer Marc Jacobs. Harry had toyed with the idea of quitting porn or maybe doing less of it, and well... now the time has finally cum and Harry has decided to leave porn forever, (but as you know, you can NEVER say NEVER when it comes to sucking cock for cash.)

Harry has decided to say "hasta la vista, HOMOS" in video form, and he has made what can only be described as artsy with more than smidge of fartsy. I will say one thing about the video.. at least we get to see him without his clothes on, 'cos let's face it - at the end of the day that's all we wanna see.

Harry has promised his fans that he would be doing something totally new and that we all would be hearing very soon what his new direction in life will be... so now all we can do is just wait and see exactly what he will be doing. What do you gays think he'll be doing next, and more importantly, do you think anyone else will care if he's not fucking on camera? You decide. For now, I leave you with Harry and his goodbye video... Enjoy!

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