Rumors that designer Marc Jacobs and porn stud Harry Louis were dating started back in December after the two had been seen kissing and hanging out regularly after they had meet at one of Marc's fashion shows.

Well, it seems that everyone was going on about how much these two were an item, and now people finally got what they wanted. Yup, Marc and Harry were caught on the sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema to be exact, having a gay ol' time and of course some sexy lip locking action!

Marc Jacobs kisses gay porn star Harry Louis

Harry is not shy about showing his love for Marc on his twitter account, and it seems as though the 2 are really happy and in love. Hopefully they last forever and a day - and that we get tons more pics like this 'cos there is nothing better than looking at 2 gorgeous men making out on the hot and tropical beaches of Rio!

Keep the pics and the love coming, studs!

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