Harry Louis & His Chocolate Factory

OMG, gays! This story is just too good to be true. A couple of weeks ago I told you all about how Brazilian mega-hunk Harry Louis and his delectable thick dick was quitting porn to pursue other passions in life, and today we finally have news on what his other passion in life is: Chocolate!

Yes, after working with the biggest names in porn like UK Naked Men and Lucas Entertainment, Harry now hopes to be the gay Willy Wonka (with a bonerific past) by launching his own line of chocolates. Of course these will not be your boring run of the mill flavors like minty, peach or even strawberry chocolates - no way! There will be over 50 flavors which include bubblegum and champagne. Yummy! I think I could live off of that last one!

I gotta say this news now kinda makes sense after watching his goodbye video, and there were hints of him getting all chocolate-y so I guess he did drop more than a whiff of what he was gonna be getting up to. Having said that, I seriously thought Harry was gonna launch a pop career. I've never heard him sing or even thought he has a good voice, but you don't need that to thrive in pop today.

Anyway, what do YOU HOMOS think of this delicious news? Will you be getting in line to buy some of Harry's chocolates? Do you think he made a mistake and there will be demand for him to come back to porn to get cocks shoved up his chocolate producing hole?

(Source: Epoca)

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