harley everett

Harley Everett is one of my current favorites. He's tall and tattooed and he's got a big-nobbed cock - it's a little angry looking. In this scene from Titan Men, Harley Everett is in charge of dark-haired hotties Jimmy Durano and Marc Dylan in a game of strip darts. When he says, "I want your ass over that desk!" Marc does what he's told and Jimmy just sits there watching and jerking his bone as Harley rims Marc's butt hole.

Then this muscle man takes turns sucking Marc and Jimmy's cocks. He stands and orders them to their knees and the two of them pucker their lips around his big-nobbed manmeat and he fucks their mouths.

Harley takes Marc's well-rimmed hole and slides his big dick inside. You can almost hear the pop as that plump cockhead pushes inside Marc's tight butt hole. Then Harley lets Jimmy have a turn, who sits back and Marc rides his bone some more. And when they can't hold off anymore, these two studs blast their loads all over Harley's ripped body. I like it when a threeway has a conductor and Harley Everett is perfect in this one.

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