Hardprint has a subheading: "A look at fag rags around the world." What it supplies is indeed just that - looks and indepth links to these magazines. And what a fascinating collection they are! Magazines begin at the incredible "Art In Odd Places" which deals with "all disciplines outside the confines of public space regulations". (It therefore presents diverse artworks such as the Manhole Covers of 14th Street in New York City. Fascinating and actually gorgeous stuff.) This blog also acquaints us with more traditional types of magazines but those which not everyone knows about, such as "Spank Me" and "In Their Room", the latter of which takes place in the private homes of various subjects with the current issue subtitled "Butt readers". The Spanish magazine "Kink" shows us men undressed and moody, with sumptuous and hugely rich photography, while the more exuberant "Fantastic Man" reveals celebrities and other-worldly beautiful men as human, open and gorgeous. The theme is definitely somewhat educational as the author here breaks us all into a range of slick and hot magazines, many of which a lot of us - and certainly I - never knew existed. To my mind, it is somewhat ground-breaking insight into the state of magazine publishing and its most recent and most stylish, raw and interesting incarnations in the field of magazines.

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